Anyone using TinyMCE's After The Deadline plugin in Plone 5?

In Plone 5 we have support for the After The Deadline Plugin in TinyMCE:
We also have an endpoint (@@checkDocument) and a IATDProxyView interface.

I have never used this and I'm not even sure if this still works.
Does anyone use this feature?

We were using it, but have switched it off for a number of reasons:

  • browser-based spellchecking has gotten a lot better for small edits
  • longer texts get composed in something that has grammar, style, and spell checks. Only when finished is it then copy-pasted in
  • the self-run AtD server was always a memory-leaking process; not too bad but annoying to set up a cronjob to kill/restart it on a regular basis.

So basically our usage patterns evolved and we didn't need it much anymore; better alternatives arrived.

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I would suggest to move such features to add-ons.

  • drop it in 6
  • if anyone needs they can pack it in an addon.
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@polyester tnx for the reply. I'd also go for the suggestion to remove AtD from core and eventually provide it as a add-on, as suggested by @jensens .
Not sure if everyone agrees with that.

I'm not using it either, but how would one integrate this into TinyMCE via an addon?

I don't really know, but there is a plugin in plone.staticresources:

I would expect such a feature as pattern-options. No idea if this works either.

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