Anyone using Jupyter with Plone?

I found this for ipython notebooks, but it seems ipython has moved on and these instructions don't work out of the box anymore.


...mumbles something about a WP blog being used to talk about Plone...

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I've played with the idea, but was unaware that the integration could be that easy.

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So no one is doing this now then? I don't know enough about Jupyter to get it working yet.
As soon as I do, I'll update this thread.

@pigeonflight any news about this? I am quite interested to play with this.. :slight_smile:

I pretty much abandoned this idea.

With Plone 5.2 this now should be very easy. It's on my list of possible side projects, but reality stopped me from playing here.

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I'm assuming you mean the Python 3 version of 5.2 that runs on waitress. I'm not hopeful of making much progress on the Python 2 version.

Yes, this is my idea.

I could run it with some hacks.. but after start the Jupyter got stuck because don't know the next steps to get the instance environment..

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