Anyone using collective.exportimport to migrate PFG to easyform?

Hi, has anyone used collective.exportimport to migrate sites with plone.formgen to collective.easyform?

Kind of. We migrated PFG to EasyForm in place and then exported it using c.exportimport. There is a branch for older 1.x EasyForm versions: Backport PloneFormGen migration to 1.x by thomasmassmann · Pull Request #278 · collective/collective.easyform · GitHub

@tmassman Nice! I was not aware that the PFG-easyform-migration was backported. That's very useful since it allows to move from Plone 4 to 6 in one go without having to deal with PFG in separate annoying steps.

I have to do the tests in the PR from Maurits comments, but there was no time in the past 2 months :frowning: But we used it successfully for 3 projects right now :wink:

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Thanks @tmassman, migrating inplace before exporting worked well.

For Plone 5.0.5 I used the following versions:
collective.easyform = 2.2.1
plone.schemaeditor = 2.0.18 = 1.2.8

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