Any Plone teams want to move from a mailinglist to discourse?

Most temas should have category already, but let me know if I forgot someone or if someone wants their name changed.

Remember to subscribe to your team category, you can do that in your member profile.

Team members should also become moderators, so let me know who you are. It might be a good idea to keep your username the same as on in case we can get som single signon in place.

I would be okay with the UI team moving. Having the ability to add images could be useful.

Great, the category is here: and you should now have admin and moderator rights.

What's the best way to go about deprecating mailing lists/nabble as we move them into Discourse?

I would say:

  1. Announce it on the mailing-lists including full instructions on how to create an account and subscribe to the correct category on discourse. Remind people of this several times.

  2. If we want people to be able to finish the current threads on the mailing lists, announce a close of the list in 1 month or so. Then make the list moderator only. Then get exported mail archive and remove the list from It might be better to close it right away though.

yes, I'd like a 'accessibility' tag. The accessibility mailing list never got off the ground properly, so should be easy to move over.

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Would it make sense to open this up for local Plone community lists, as

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Yes. I am not sure if discourse can support multiple languages per install,
if it can we can even provide the interface in a local language.

In that case, I would sign up to lead a group for the Seattle area. Would
that be a "Local communities" category, "Seattle" subcategory?

The site is set up to allow users to choose the interface language they use (Preferences: Interface language), so I think we could extend this to everyone.

Yes, that sounds like the best

Thank you!
BTW, there is no one listening on port 443, and your link href is https,
even though the text says http.

I'm going to evaluate whether this is something that can replace our local
mailman listserv. I'm not sure if casual observers will want to sign up to
the whole thing, if it takes extra steps to only be
subscribed to, say, the seattle topic. Is there a concept of "topic