Any live examples of Pastanaga UI?

I've been exploring the Pastanaga UI project and went through the concepts it follows, laid out by @Albert and also what's been discussed in the community with @tisto
But I was unable to find any live versions of any implementations of Pastanaga UI that could I check out to understand it better.

Can anyone help me out here?

We have pastanaga ui implementation with angular sdk and ui snapshots too in Did you referred it?

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I've seen the snapshots and project base, but I haven't checked out Pastanaga Angular, it is currently up and working?

Yes It's working, I have locally build it long ago and it was working pretty fine :slight_smile:

plone-react implements Pastanaga UI and we just merged everything upstream at the Plone-React sprint in Bonn. We plan to set up a demo site by the end of the sprint...


Any chance of just taking a video of the mosaic replacement and posting
that now?