Anti-spam measures implemented on Discord

We recently had a couple of users join the Plone Discord chat server and spam multiple channels. Those users were banned and their messages removed.

We implemented a few countermeasures to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.

  • Increased Verification Level from Low to High. Users must now wait 10 minutes after becoming a member of the Plone Discord server before sending a text message. Users may still join public channels and read, listen, and view discussions and voice and video conferences upon joining the server.
  • Added the bot MEE6. This bot makes it easier for moderators to ban or kick a user with a command of /ban username (optional reason) or /kick username (optional reason). We also have the option to set up rules for moderation, if it becomes necessary. There are additional features of this bot that may be of interest to the Communications Team, including sharing Twitter posts from specific Plone accounts.

Additionally Discord has started to roll out a feature called AutoMod to a few servers. We do not know whether we will be granted this feature.

Thank you for your patience and continued participation on Discord while we monitor and maintain its usefulness to the Plone community.


Thanks! I updated Online Chat — Plone: Enterprise Level CMS - Free and OpenSource - Community Driven - Secure with this information.

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