Another nonsense post

I am a plone user, not programmer / developer.

I used to use plone 3 for my small site for blogging (build and learn follow others blog post / artical) ... by hack + mix and match with different products that free offer by kind person in this community. To be honestly I have no budget to hire someone for a custom site.

And since plone 5 I feel I am so difficult to keep going forward, most of the mix and match products is outdated and there is full of mysterious errors.

I want to say, as a user ... current plone missed...

  • Easy theming system (for non programmer)
  • Easy TTW view for TTW custom content type (clone of current type)
  • Easy TTW page / layout builder for present the collections
  • Easy TTW landing page builder (a better Mosaic)
  • A 100% work form system (for latest plone)
  • A new gallery system can plug and play for latest modern js galleries
  • A new blog system that up to modern standard
    and most importrant
  • SEO fields (show another set of text to search engine) This is also affect the aesthetics of the site... I now put seo ba ba ba in description of my post for google and noway to take care the readers' feeling...

Sorry for my nonsense...


My 2c: IMHO your post is very far from nonsense and makes a lot of sense, so thank you for sharing!

(I am the wrong person to reply to your post in more detail, since we moved forward to focus on Volto/Plone 6. Though, we hope Volto can at least match some of your requirements in the future).

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I was under the impression that trying to game search engines via “SEO“ was outdated by the 2000s. Good content and links from other well ranked sites, not keyword loading, is what gets you good search engine ranking.

Dexterity lets you add any field you want to any content type, including the default ones. You can also override the view templates to make them hide any added fields.

I’m sorry you can’t hire someone to customize a site but you can always ask for help here. The way you ask makes a difference too.

I think this comment is indicative for the kinds of topics to address if we want to improve the OOTB Plone experience for "casual" users. Thank you @mactrash for sharing.

In the last marketing meeting, in the context of, we briefly touched on the types of expectations that future Plone users may have. I brought up having seen posts about UnifiedInstaller ("mystery" errors in specific configurations and on specific platforms).

Just thinking out loud: the onboarding experience for new/upgrading casual users would be improved if they can see and follow a clear path to achieve X, Y, Z common use cases. Using existing resources such as UnifiedInstaller, Volto and to provide a) the software, b) the tools and c) the hands-on tutorials. It's all there now, but you have to know where to look...

Going over the list of issues above, nothing clearly jumps out that either does not already exist in Plone + add-ons or cannot be addressed. Maybe except for "easy" frontend customizations? But at the same time, I also don't see Plone as being some kind of "themable blogging engine" per se. Would be very interested in the various opinions from the community...

Maybe we should rephrase "Plone is the contract" - in slightly more tangible terms? :wink:


Feel I have to chime in about:

Easy TTW view for TTW custom content type (clone of current type)

Have a look at plonecli... The development of this tool has changed my plone life forever for the better!

I think what most older integrators like myself back in the day was to clone an existing content-type etc because all the boilerplate of Archetypes etc was just too insane to deal with. With PloneCLI and Dexterity-based content types, there's no need to perform that exercise anymore. If you can read and understand XML, you're on your way.

An excellent companion to PloneCLI (though not specifically utilized within) is to have a look at Plone Trainings:

Getting started is way easier because of the great, amazing work of the folks who put together the training documents and run those workshops at the conferences.

There used to be an infomercial in my area for a technical school. They used to say that while they gave you the tools, it was up to you to make the first step.


Let say I clone the "collection" type to "x" type.

Now I add new 2 fields to x type

  1. seo_title

  2. seo_description

Yes the field do show up in the management interface... but how can I clone a view and add the code to rendering those to public?

Unless I misunderstand you: there is a Dexterity Content types control panel where you can do this and a lot more.

The simplest way of making a view TTW is by using Mosaic.

  1. Enable 'layout behaviour' for your content type
  2. Make a layout in Mosaic for one of the content
  3. Save it
  4. in /portal_types set mosaic layout to be default

Unless there are more than one Mosaic view enabled for that content type, this will be the default view from now…

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Thanks... Have test that for a night and it is not working smoothly with phone 5.1 if pin to use new version the plonetruthgalley will broken by maybe new phone content staffs... So far this add-on not work for me.

Hmmm. Looking at the commits, you could try to download it from GitHub. Looks like it could work:


Thanks ... will try thx a lot