Announcing collective.recipe.zopeinstancemultiplier


I wrote a buildout recipe to make it easier to configure multiple Zope instances. It's very simple. It works by cloning an already existing Zope instance part and incrementing the HTTP port. Nothing fancy.

Here's the link to the repo:

I'm puzzled because I could not find an existing solution to the problem of having a configurable number of instances without having to put them manually in the buildout config file. If you know of something about this I'm interested to hear about.

PR's, issue reports, suggestions and non-constructive criticism are welcome :smiley: !


Cool!. Thats nice if one manages (or has to manage) a buildout manually.

If you use configuration management tools like Ansible it is quite easy to accomplish the same within a template.

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I knew people wouldn't do it manually. It had to be a way! Thanks for the feedback.

Anyway, the recipe I wrote can make the template a bit simpler.