Ambidexterity: The Movie

I can't make it to Barcelona, so I'm sending you all a video lightning talk showing off Ambidexterity, a TTW editor for Dexterity views, dynamic defaults, validators and vocabularies.

It's 4 minutes long. Enjoy!


Thanks @smcmahon, this is great! I like the "RestrictedPython+" approach :slight_smile: so having re and datetime available is super useful. Is there a list of other modules that have been allowed?

Look at for a shared approach to making more imports available in plone/RestrictedPython

Is there a story for exporting TTW definitons or moving them between sites?


I've added documentation sections on export/import and RestrictedPython.

I would not use collective.trustedimports just to add libraries for validators, dynamic defaults and vocabularies. It's way too aggressive for such a limited purpose.

I think I didn't communicate well. The idea of trustedimports is not to include custom code you can't write in RestrictedPython. It is to whilelist imports of standard libraries which enable you to write RestrictedPython which uses imports like re and ziplib etc. It's about crowdsourcing the effort to make these imports safe and available to any user of RestrictedPython. ie, instead of every TTW effort whilelisting re, just include collective.trustedimports and its done for you along with a lot more.

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