Alternatives to Mailgun for outbound SMTP

What are alternatives to spending $$$ on Mailgun? They recently ended their free tier of service for under 50,000 messages, and sending emails has started costing us real money.

I've used personally and it includes a very easy setup for DKIM etc. SMTP authentication and anti-spam measures. Sending email out through such a box would be one possibility.

Would work?

Hey Kim!

(Yes, it's been a long time since I've posted on here. Just happened to catch this thread.)

It might be worth looking at SES (Simple Email Service) from Amazon (AWS.) Up to 62K emails/month free when sending from an app running on EC2 (although, I doubt is/would be on AWS), but still affordable (and with plenty of nice features for a cheap/basic SMTP service) at $1 per 10k emails if sending from outside of EC2 (so, $10 for 100k, and if you want to lease a dedicated IP for $25/mo, I supposed this ends up being the same $35/mo you are likely looking at for Mailgun (but you'd get only 50k emails/mo there.)

If you don't need the dedicated IP, it could be a nice option. I have a client using it for low volume (5k/mo?) confirmation emails triggered upon web form submissions from a custom app.

Hope everyone is well!

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Ah crud, forgot to include the link:

(FWIW, I do not work for Amazon. :slight_smile: )

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You don't give the stats on what volume you need but sendgrid has a free tier and its what we use in production (not the free tier).

ah but its a little deceptive. I think its saying its only 100/day which I'm guessing is not enough.

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We are spending about $15/month with Mailgun.

Thanks @ctxlken and @djay! The server I'm thinking about primarily is this one, the one that runs the forum, and we use a Linode. We sent out 18,529 emails in the past month, with Mailgun pricing being:

  • First 1250 at $0.00 each: $0.00
  • Next 1 at $1.00 each: $1.00
  • Next 17278 at $0.0008 each: $13.8224

Some months we have exceeded 50,000 emails.

so sendgrid is 15usd for 100k. at least it would be more fixed but not saving much

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