Alternatives to ExtFile product?

I am planning my migration to Zope 4/5, but I have a huge dependency of ExtFile/ExtImage product.

(you can search "extfile old zope org" in Google, your platform doesn't currently allow me to post links)

Last release was in 2007.

I could consider adopting the project myself but I wonder if there is any other project out there with similar capabilities:

  • Store files/images out of ZODB, directly in the filesystem.
  • Being able to create and serve thumbnails from images.
  • Being able to show only thumbnails and control access to full size images.
  • Nice to have: Being able to "plug in" code to override thumbnail generation, for instance for watermarking.

Any advice?

Use the blob storage of the ZODB that is around for many, many years.

CMFCore has a File type. It keeps metadata in the ZODB and stored the file content itself as "blob" on the file system. The filename is derived from the "oid" and the "serial" - but, if necessary, it can be determined from information found in the ZODB (e.g. for backup/recovery purposes).

CMFCore contains the base functionality. The user interface part used to be in CMFDefault (and other systems, such as e.g. Plone). CMFDefault was termorarily unmaintained but I think I saw recent CMFDefaullt related activity on "github`.

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