Alpine City Strategic Sprint 2018 - registration is open

Registrations for the sprint held from Jan 25th - 30th 2018 are open!

At Conference Sprint in Barcelona Plone 5.2 branch was created and uses Zope 4 alpha.

Goal of the upcoming sprint is to work on the Plone core and its ecosystem:

  • check for feature parity: fix missing/ broken
  • work on Zope 4 and CMF in order to get it out of alpha,
  • clean up Plone,
  • port Plone to Python 3
  • other core related topics: documentation, UI/UX improvements

The Plone Framework Team declared this sprint as strategic! Plone Foundation thankfully decided to sponsor the sprint. If you would like to hack on one of the above topics and can not afford the travel fare please contact me by DM or email.