[AI Announcement] Planned Downtime of archive.plone.org


We're planning to relocate https://archive.plone.org.

This is the first little step of moving to our new infrastructure.


27 - 31 of December 2017

We try to keep the downtime as short as possible.

As soon as we have the exact date, we'll let you know.
Moving archive includes moving lots of data, because of this we can't tell the exact date, yet !

Affected Services

During the downtime you will be not able to:

  • download the old dev.plone.org archive
  • download svn dumps
  • download old python known good versions
  • do svn checkouts

If you depend on these between christmas and new year, please make sure to download before 26th of December 2017 !

Other Possible Side Effects

During this migration we'll also migrate lots of old data, as in videos, etc from dist.plone.org to the new archive.
This can result in slower downloads from dist.plone.org during the migration.

We'll use bandwidth limiting for the data migration, still it is possible that downloads will be a bit slower.

Thanks !

Thank you :slight_smile: