After Upgrading to Plone 5.1rc1 Toolbar not visible for logged-in user without manager role

I upgraded a Plone 5.1b3 to 5.1rc1. Now when I log in as a user who does not have (zope) manager permissions, the toolbar does not show up. This effect does not appear in a freshly generated Plone 5.1rc1 instance.

first debugging on that issue together with @vincero shows that the Permission 'Show Toolbar' is present in the Security Tab (ZMI) but not that the actual default (Aquire false and Autheticated true) is set.

I guess there is an upgrade step for the rolemap is missing.

We should open a ticket for that.

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It that's the case then it is a blocker for rc1. Please open a ticket in CMFPlone asap. was closed with

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