Advanced TinyMCE Configuration: Anyone using it successfully?

Hi! I'm just wondering if anybody is successfully using the Site Setup > TinyMCE > Advanced tab to customize TinyMCE on Plone (preferably 5.2.1, but any version might help). I had a question a while ago about loading a custom colour palette that way that may have been too specific to be relevant to too many readers, but if you use the panel successfully at all and would be willing to share the text of what you've entered in the JSON blank there, the format of your settings might be enough to help me figure mine out.

(The goal is to have the text colour picker's palette be limited to our pre-loaded corporate colours, or as an alternate, to have the custom colour list of the colour picker be pre-loaded with our corporate colours.)

After posting this, I took another stab at it -- my first since upgrading to 5.2.1. Perhaps I was hitting a 5.1.6 bug previously? Anyway, a code format that I had used in the past worked perfectly this time, so since I didn't see it around by googling, I thought I'd share the format here:

  "textcolor_map": [

The values are hex colour values, and the description can be anything you want.

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The TinyMCE configuration in Plone is broken and widely dysfunctional in my experience.

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