Adding icons to folder view for easier understanding

Hi all,
I would like to change the layout of the folder 'tabular view'.

specifically, I want a more visual approach. I want to add a folder icon and reduce the number of words. People are comfortable with icons cluing them what the item is.

I notice that there aren't any icons in the Barcelona theme for content such as folders, documents etc. Was this intentional? I remember older versions of plone you could associate an icon with a content type. Is this still possible?

One approach might look like: (might not even include creator. Creator of a document might be important, but folder?

Barceloneta uses iconfonts and CSS for this as you would see in the /folder_listing & /folder_contents views (There is a setting to disable these, I think, so check when you are logged in)

Search for 'file' here, and you will probably find what you need: