Adding Fieldset to Dexterity TTW

I'm beginning to use Dexterity in P5 and see the power for a SiteAdmin like myself.

I am experimenting adding fieldset (I assume this means a set of fields that display under a tab) and then adding fields to the new fieldset.

  • I create the fieldset, which dispalys as a tab while I am working in Dexterity TTW in Plone. This makes sense
  • I open the new tab, and add fields and save.
  • however the fields don't show on the tab where I created them, they show in the main tab.
  • I confirmed by adding a new content type and all the new fields display in the main tab.

I looked at the xml and see all the the fieldsets and the fields. However, the fields aren't contained in the fieldset for the correct tab.
Am understanding creating tabs inside a Dex content type?

Hi @rileydog,

I can confirm the behavior you are seeing. I can also confirm that if you edit the schema xml for your type to move the fields you've created into the fieldset element, then the edit form for a new item will show your new fields on the new fieldset tab.

You are correct in believing that the fieldset is intended to group fields together into "tabs" for the editing UI. It is also the case that the default dexterity view for a content type will wrap a <fieldset /> tag around the displayed values from the fields in it.

It would be nice if the dexterity interface did in fact keep track of the active tab as you created new fields and automatically place them in the correct fieldset element, but that clearly is not what happens.

In reality, the display of fields and fieldsets on the dexterity editor is a way of previewing what you will get with the schema xml that has been generated. It's not really completely functional in the sense that you can click on a fieldset tab and expect new fields to be added to that fieldset.

I don't know if the plan eventually is to add that feature, but at least at this time manually editing the schema works quite nicely. Try it out.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. You're awesome.

much trouble remembering my xml, but now I'm there.