Adding different 'Site title' for different language folders

I am looking for a way to add the website’s name to the tag so that it can appear in the browser’s tab as the title. As the default, only the page’s title appears on the browser and I want to append the website’s name to it.

I want to make the to be editable from the “Control Panel” so that the editors can change it by themselves. I was planning to use the “Site title” field of the ‘/controlpanel/site’, but I can’t store different names for different language folders. In the project that I am working on, the titles are different for each language variation of the website and I can’t utilize this one field for all of them.

As far as I know, in Plone 4 and 5, the control panel can be edited to hold different values for different language folders. Is there any way to achieve this in the Volto?

Link for the /controlpanel/site:

I think you should take the title of the /en, /de, etc folders as "site titles". I'm not sure they're exposed as a service in plone, but it seems like this information should be serialized with the content, worst case as an expand. Something similar to @navroot. @erral maybe you know something about this?

Yes, this is what we have in the @navroot endpoint and in the latest changes merged in Volto 17.

We expose the navroot (in this case the language root folder), and use its title as the "Site Title" part of the Title of the page, like it is done in Classic Plone.

These changes (Use the @navroot and @site controlpanels to render the <title> and the logo by erral · Pull Request #3537 · plone/volto · GitHub) were merged for Volto 17.0.0-alpha.26

Thank you @tiberiuichim and @erral for your answers.

I will update Volto to 17.0.0-alpha.26 and try this new feature.