Adding content to right side of template

I am developing an add-on for plone5. I currently have some some content that populates <metal:content-core fill-slot="main"> inside the body tag of a template. How can I make a div element of the template appear to the right of it?

similar to the above page, in which the download portlet appears to the right of the main body.

right and left columns are used to insert portlet content:

if your template does not need access to portlets you could probably create a custom template and put your content inside the <aside id="portal-column-two"> element.

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You could consider just using portlets.

If this is for a custom content type, add a portlet just for that (you can even do this TTW).

If not, you could maybe use fill-slot
You would typically use this approach if you might need more portlets for the view (like search, calendar etc).

If you just need 'something to the left and something to the right', you could just make your own template with CSS to put things to left and right

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@loechel and I recommended not using portlets, but to use a regular view and then be able to place it via CSS