Adding ability to email to groups to the existing Plone Content Rule

I started this discussion at: Using Plone Rules to send emails to users based on roles

I am also posting here because part of the question might be answered by one of the core devs.
Issue: I want to use the standard Plone Content Rule but add the ability to send to groups.
I am not a programmer, so I don't know how difficult or silly my question might be. However, If Plone Content Rules can already handle, quite elegantly, sending email notifications to individual emails, and P4 code exists to send to groups (in the content rule I've referenced in the above link) what would it take to combine the two?

I see the new Rule setup form would have two sections for whom to send emails to: 1) users and 2) groups.
I have been looking to hire someone for a reasonable fee to update the email to group
content rule. However, if the above approach could work, I would prefer that.
Note: the two content rules from Plone 4 that do this don't work in Plone 5. Another option I have is to have these brought into Plone 5.
There is certainly a big hole in not being able to use a content rule to email a group. I would like to help fill that with some of my ideas and a little money if others can help. Anyone interested?

Hi @khink

Thanks for the idea. In the link I referenced, I had explored this product. Unfortunately it doesn't work in P5.

One option is to upgrade this Rule to P5 - I am looking into this.

However, I think the option presented here is a better choice if possible. Basically, I want to take the relevant code from the "mail to group" that deals with stepping through a group to send email to each member and add to the existing Plone Content rule (adding associated entry box on the config form).

Do you think this is possible?