Adding a CUSTOM Dexterity field to syndication/RSS feed

Hello Plone community,

I've added a field to the "News Item" Dexterity type using the "Add New Field" UI function in the Site Settings. However, the ultimate goal is to get the value of this custom field to be displayed on the syndication/RSS feed I'm using, which comes from a collection I've created that selects the news items I'd like to be featured in the feed.

I've consulted threads such as this one, but still having trouble getting this to work. Not sure if the actual RSS template needs to be edited, or what exactly I need to do to ensure that this custom field shows up in the RSS feed, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

The custom field I created is a URL field type, and it appears just fine when creating/editing new News Items. However, I just can't get it to show in the RSS feed, and we've been trying to enable this behavior for quite a long time now.

Since you all are always so amazingly helpful, I thought I'd finally consult the true Plone gurus and see if anybody can lend a helping hand.

If there's any additional info I can provide that would help clarify what I'm asking, I'd be happy to provide!

Cheers and many thanks,


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Apologies fellow Ploners, but I'm bumping this post just to see if anybody has any insight. This would greatly increase Plone's capability for what we're trying to do.

Does anyone have any clue how we could add a custom dexterity field to syndication/RSS?

Thanks so much in advance for the help!!!

this pull request may give you some ideas:

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