Add additional fields to "Page" content type

I would like to have more fields in the "Page" content type. I would like to have the user add location and a couple of other items to the "Page" that they create. When they save the page they would have the usual content field of header, description, and content, plus a couple of other pieces of information in the webpage they create under the "Add new" menu.
I would like to do with by modifying the existing "Page" content type. Please let me know if this is possible.
Thank you.

to add the field to the content type:

  • go to site setup
  • dexterity content types
  • click page type
  • click fields tab
  • click add new field

If you're a developer, you can look here to provide a new view:

If you use mosaic, you can create a layout TTW.

Thank you Nathan. I'll have a look at that.

Before you start adding fields, take a look at the available behaviors. Often you will find that some behaviors give you what you want. (Follow Nathan's steps, but click on the "Behaviors" tab instead of the "Fields" tab.)

Thank you Fulvio. I'll also have a look at that. I think I will need new fields though because the site needs location and other information in order to fulfil the requirements of membership for certain roles, and the site owners want that information published with a webpage once they have an agreement with a member that has that particular role.

There are also some add ons that adds behavior, search pypi for 'behavior' and 'widget'.

If you describe the fields you want (and what they should 'do'), we can describe it better.
(in other words: it is a good chance that what you want to it is 'already made', and can be done 'easily'

See Adding a geolocation behavior