Activate logging during test run

In order to test our Zope based application, we use plone.testing (besides pytest, gocept.selenium, gocept.pytestlayer, gocept.httpserverlayer).

It works like a charm, but I cannot find out how to get hold on the logfiles.

I installed SiteErrorLog and via pdb and app.error_log I am able to
view the logs. But I want the logs from the test run to be written to
the hard disk, as it is common for a normal installation. Of course, I configured SiteErrorLog to copy errors to the logfile.

In our development and also our production setup, the zope.conf
defines where the logfiles should be written to. But as far as I know
there is no zope.conf for the plone.testing setup.

Any hint is appreciated.

I answered your question in Stack Overflow.

Thanks a lot! And sorry for crossposting - seems both forums are valid on its own!