Action for content type in modal dialog

Hello everyone.
Is it possible to open content type action in modal dialog? For example, for the rename action, this is implemented as follows.

<property name="modal" type="text">{}</property>

But I need to do the same only for the action defined in types/File.xml. For example an action like this one:

 <action title="Download" action_id="download" category="object"
    condition_expr="member" url_expr="string:${object_url}/download"
    visible="False" i18n:attributes="title">

Check the login action in ZMI, there's a modal example, maybe can help?

As a last resort, you could insert the class pat-plone-modal using Diazo rules. See Mockup

Slightly off topic, but I noticed (when trying to upgrade collective.googleauthentication ) that the login form at http://site/login is (can be) overridden by 'skins', while the popup-form is not ( Plone 5.2.6 )