Acquisition by context unchained?

Can someone offer some links explaining the concept of "Acquisition by context" (not "acquisition by containment".

I've already read Jon Udell's paper The deep magic of Zope acquisition.

I would like to get a copy of Jim Fulton's paper on Acquisition. I have only this link which is broken

Following links are very useful on "acquisition by containment" but not really helpful on "acquisition by context":

  • Chapter 3 of a manuscript of the Zope Book.

    If it fails along this path, it will continue the search in an order that is not easy to describe

  • The Chapter Acquisition from the Zope Book simply mentions:

    Acquisition by context is terribly difficult to explain, and you should avoid it if at all possible.

    I disagree with this utterance. In my opinion programming concepts must be explained.

    PS: I understand the "it" in the second part of this quote as meaning to "avoid to explain acquisition by context" and not "avoid acquisition by context". Nonetheless I disagree with both meanings.

Here is an archived version of @jimfulton AcquisitionAlgebra from 2015

edit: aargh, sorry - just the index page
slides here: - AcquisitionAlgebra

I think Acquisition Algebra is the same content as the broken link.

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