Access content from another translation in a view

We have content (of type B) in different languages (en, de, it, etc.) and a view to show it.

We have also content that exits only in the folder of the English version and should not be translated in the other languages.

But the untranslated (English) content must also be shown in the other languages (German etc.).

How can the untranslated_content be accessed in a view from "translated content"?

A (en)
└───B (en) [title="Information"]
    └───untranslated_content [text="some information"}

A (de)
└───B (de) [title="Auskunft"]

For instance the German view for B should show its fields (title) and the fields of untranslated_content in the folder of the English version.

title: "Auskunft"
text:  "some information"

Would something like this work?

    def get_disclaimer_text(self):
        returns the correct translation for our disclaimer blurb
        the master object is the german version, we expect this to always be there
        the text is in the "text" IRichText field

        20190520 superseded in new templates
        by more generic version get_raw_snippet_text('snippet_id')
        portal = getSite() # returns portal root from thread local storage
        disclaimer_obj = portal.restrictedTraverse('de/toolbox/text-bausteine/mdb-footer-haftungsausschluss')
        language = ILanguage(self.context).get_language()
        translated_obj = ITranslationManager(disclaimer_obj).get_translation(language)
        field = 'text'
        if translated_obj:
            return getattr(translated_obj,field).raw
        #return the original
            return getattr(disclaimer_obj,field).raw

@mtrebron Thank you very much. That's exactly what I was searching for.