About the Local Communities category

This category if for local or regional (user-) groups discussing and promoting Plone in their area.

Each local community can get a subcategory by submitting a request as a comment here.

Usually the common language in community.plone.org is English. But a local community category may use their local language if it is better suited for them. This should be mentioned in the subcategories description.

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Is it possible to have a new category BE-FR for French-speaking Plone Users in Belgium ?

Category description
This sub-category is for French-speaking Plone Users from Wallonia, Brussels and North of France - used for organising meetups, gatherings etc.



Done! (I think...)


Thank you Kim.
Can we communicate in French on the BE-FR category or English has to be used ?


Comme vous voulez! :slight_smile: There's no obligation to use English!


Hi guys,

Is it possible to have a new category ES for Spanish speaking Plone Users?

Category description
This sub-category is for Spanish-speaking Plone Users around the world - used for organising meetups, gatherings, discuss about improvements for Plone in Spanish, etc.


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Thanks @polyester :+1:

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