a quick question about ZEO

Hey! Can anyone help me out on what ZEO means?

Also is there any particular reason why we’re not using the latest version of Plone, i.e 5.1 for the gatsby-source-plone project? The buildout seems to use Plone 5.0.8 instead.

Any reason why you opened a new thread?

Can anyone help me out on what ZEO means?

ZEO is a database client and server architecture for the ZODB (object database used by Plone). One or more clients connecting to a ZEO-server. If one client writes (add, change, delete) an object to the server all other clients are updated about the new state. Using this, Plone scales well horizontally by starting many ZEO-clients (Plone instances) on one or more servers or docker containers.

Oh, so this is a dup? I close this one then.