A 'Multifile' field

Would it be possible to make a 'multi-file/images' field for dexterity.

... so one for example could upload one, or two or three images to a content type.

PS: I know that it is possible to 'use folders items with images', but this is not useful when you want to have two or more 'multi-file'-fields. (?)

I recall there is/was already one, but it was considered a bad idea, because need for maintain separate download views and everything in addition to the default file field attribute.

"dexterity" builds on zope.schema and there you have List and Tuple fields with a way to specify the component field. I have never used a List/Tuple of Images but a List with Object as component field and the result (with zope.formlib, not z3c.form) was acceptable: there is a button to add a further list element which can then be "filled" with data.

With Tuple, I am quite sure it does not work (see below) (I have tried to add objects and Image fields, basically the 'Image' is lost on save or Edit.

With List I have tried with DataGridField with more or less the same problem.

Also : It would be nice to have an UI similar to the 'Upload files'(Plone 5 or wildcard.foldercontents).

images = schema.Tuple(
         title = _(u"images", 
        value_type= namedfile.NamedBlobImage(

(or value_type= DictRow(schema=IPhotoObject)

I probably found it:

This add on looks very promising

From my view templates, I get the 'Blobfiles', :
<plone.namedfile.file.NamedBlobImage object at 0x1099f3cf8>

I can also get the filename, (some image.jpg)... not sure if that is of any use, maybe a src-url can be constructed?

.... or it might be possible to use' _data' or '_getData and src="data:

... suggestions are appreciated