5.2 demo is down


There was discussion in Discord about removing this demo site.

If it is decided to remove it, then we need to remove links to it from Documentation - Installation, Classic UI demo home page, and possibly others that might be revealed in Matomo logs.

If what we need is to be able to link to a classic UI demo site, then the Plone 6 classic UI demo site would suffice, correct?

Also to consider how long 5.2 will be officially supported.

I'm going to remove the link to the 5.2 demo in Plone 6 Documentation so that our CI stops failing.

I would say that because no one else has complained since our CI started failing, I assume that this demo is not needed and should be removed. @fredvd @ericof

I think it makes sense to stop promoting a demo of a version which is now in the "security support" phase of maintenance (Release Schedule).

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will you instead point to https://classic.demo.plone.org and https://demo.plone.org?

@tkimnguyen Yes, those links are already there: Install — Plone Documentation v6.0

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