3rd party elasticsearch as page inside plone (visualization, custom search, feed)

We would like to implement a development that would know the following.
3rd party elasticsearch database management->
-sub-page where you can custom query from the elasticsearch database itself
is actively updated and visualize the data according to your own idea.
-And all of your query summary and visualization is downloadable.

So it's a little bit complicated, but i think this is possible somehow.

Any idea?

Thank you.

What does that exactly mean?


So, it was described below.
We would like a sub-page with a custom query / user or a single query database that showed for all users and is downloadable and can make visualize data.

Repeating unclear phrases does not make them more understandable...next try?


@donat spend the time to write out what you are trying to do as a step by step use case.
ie a "usecase" not just a "story" as shown in here https://www.stellman-greene.com/2009/05/03/requirements-101-user-stories-vs-use-cases/