2nd Plone 5 Launch Team meeting minutes June 26, 2015

The Launch Team is a meta team coordinating the Plone 5 version release as a full product.

The Launch Team met on June 26, 2015.

Attending: Paul Roeland, Christina McNeill, Eric Steele, Sven Strack, Philip Bauer, Kim Nguyen


  • Review of notes from last meeting
  • Action items
  • Status
  • New items
  • Next meeting proposed in two weeks: July 9, 2015 11 am - 1 pm UTC-5

Marketing (Paul)

Paul Roeland has initiated discussions with Paul Pickering re: brand identity.

EuroPython poster work has begun.

P5 feature list document is a bit raw but the info is there

Overall marketing action plan needs updating.

We need help with design. Brian Ledwell has agreed to work on some ideas for Plone 5 branding. We need to consider paying for design help.

P5 will be promoted at upcoming events (not just Plone events) and meetups. We will need participation from the entire community!

Installers (Sven)

Steve: “No progress on a Windows installer. Everything else in that area is in good shape.”

Sven: “a sprint in August”? YES, but when exactly, and where ? “finish mr.bob templates”

  1. alpha of 'pure' virtualbox, nearly done, docs not finished, focus is here really on non-technical people, this goes for the setup as for the docs

We would like to create cloud evals: e.g. Digital Ocean, Heroku.

Framework team (Eric)

TTW Memberdata PLIP finishing up. Test isolation issues. Needs final review.

Still waiting on finalizing plone.api. Dexterity attribute access discussion.

Will set a feature freeze in July.

Eric spent some time making tickets for a million little inconsistencies in the UI. Most are fixed.

Documentation (Sven)

preparing for sprint @4d, focus on plone5

rewrite of ui-installer docs are nearly done, needs review

wip: writing docs for new installer suites

whiteboard: re-thinking papyrus setup, review new idea from jens

preparing new docs release shortly after sprint @4d

preparing huge release, including theming, changing urls, …, of docs.plone.org at the same time as plone5 release

Training (Philip)

training-docs are using plone5 since march.

current work is only going into plone5

http://training.plone.org/4 and http://training.plone.org/5 will be the canonical urls

5 Trainings during Bucharest Conference (all focus on Plone 5):

  • Content-Management (1 day) by Fred van Dijk
  • Webmaster (1 day) by Fred van Dijk
  • Theming and Customizing (2 days) by Simone Orsi & Maik Derstappen
  • Development (2 days) by Fulvio Casali
  • Javascript for Plone-Developers (2 days) by Franco Pellegrini & Johannes Raggam

All trainings will be part of https://github.com/plone/training (different chapters and focusses not different repos or branches)

Several trainings will use/mention plone.app.mosaic

collective.jbot is on the wishlist but not ready yet.

We try to update docs while we write the trainings (esp. for theming)

Plone.com (Kim)

Plone.com has effectively been launched. We continue to solicit provider listings and success stories.

Needs links to it from plone.org and a news item. We already have good search engine results ranking and this will make it even better.

Needs a Plone 5 landing page that will be linked to from all promotional materials. Requires a complete list of new and improved features of P5.

Paragon.plone.org (Kim)

Requires kick in the lederhosen/pants, on Kim’s plate

Kim will copy over the data & create new spreadsheet for jury voting


We need someone to lead this effort, of creating and delivering P5 demos

We want feature-based video clips for external marketing

For internal communication: video clips for what will be different / new / changed

Create an easy “Plone 5 certification” to form P5 evangelist team

Update Plone demos linked to from http://plone.com/try-plone (and clean up demo story on plone.org)

New Items and Further Notes

Accessibility compliance update (Paul / Kim):
Plone is WCAG 2.0 compliant and we are making changes to plone.org and plone.com to reflect that. Also we will be updating default /accessibility-info pages in all Plone sites.

Philip: P5 release party is planned

Kim: we need a Plone 5 demo site (will check if Wildcard can set up)

Paul: Eric has some video snippets from the Tokyo keynote http://polyester.github.io/tokyo/#/
The actual video snippets are at:

Sven: working on Virtualbox for demo. Prepping for docs sprint. Tickets for P5, focus on UI. collective.solr docs to be merged but still very technical. First release P5 docs after Arnhem sprint. Unified installer docs almost done. Sprint in August?

Philip: new training team. Training materials are already available for P5. Great trainings will be offered in Bucharest! Will be added to Mastering Plone. Mosaic: include now or eventually? collective.jbot (Nathan)?
Discussion of Mosaic. Agreement on proceeding with including it in training.

Eric: Next beta this week.

Paul: accessibility update https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/issues/627. Marketing meeting tomorrow. Paul Pickering contacted / brand identity. Demos & talking up of P5 at EuroPython. Will mention at future events (write the docs talk), Intranet (will discuss w/Fred).

Discussion of marketing strategy.

Philip: Intranet update. Running on P5b2 (“Venus”). Looking very good! Contracts coming in. prototype.ploneintranet.net mockup demo. http://ploneintranet.com. Naming question - this software isn't used just for intranets.

Paul will twist arms in Arnhem, try to maintain focus on 5.0 development.

Kim: there is discussion under way about US Plone training offerings (beginning at PSU in the fall), contribution to the training materials, combined with in person P5 demos.