2023-02-28 Volto Team Meeting notes


  • Víctor Fernández de Alba
  • Nicola Zambello
  • Mikel Larreategi
  • Alin Voinea
  • Jefferson Bledsoe
  • Philip Bauer
  • Tiberiu Ichim
  • Fred van Dijk
  • Abishek Guptar (11:35)
  • Steve Piercy (12:00)


  • Node 18 and Webpack 5 support: Node 18 and webpack 5 support by davisagli · Pull Request #4086 · plone/volto · GitHub
    • This is a breaking change, when it is ready it will start the Volto 17 release cycle. Changes should keep going to master and we will backport them to 16.x. The idea is to work similarly that we worked with 16.x and 15.x
  • Teaser block: https://github.com/plone/volto/pull/3706
    • The PR is ready although some docs are missing. Reviews welcomed before merging. The value syncing (if the original item has changed) is not in this PR but in another one branch (teaser-core-wishlist)
  • Grid/Row block: https://github.com/plone/volto/pull/3180
    • Needs some more polishing & docs. After the Teaser PR is ready, Victor will look at this. Naming Grid vs. Row vs. Group is discussed, but no decision is taken.
  • GSOC projects - Docs?
    • Victor talked to Eric Brehault and modified the ordering of GSOC project proposals on plone.org. Project list is not closed yet but will be soon. It will be good to have a Plone-wise documentation project, to improve the docs. It is something to be checked with GSOC if they allow not-code-based things. Fred: I can add my is_folderish site structure swap proposal (#4280) as a gsoc project, but maybe it is too small. Also risk with putting some important improvements as gsoc projects is that they are too complex for students and we’ll have to wait until autumn for the deliverables to be ready.
    • We could add some more ‘selling points’ to gsoc proposals that seem boring at first sight, like the component to function rewrite: these can look more like chores, but some students actually like the predictability, clear scope and learning experience. (Tiberiu)
    • Fred will ask Eric what the next objectives/milestones are on the gsoc time line and what we can community when.
    • There are some good first-timer issues, such as the Volto User Manual, Trainings, and others, that would be good for a GSoC project. We will post to the Community Forum to discuss what would be an appropriate project scope.
  • Pagination PR Add current page parameter to the route in the listing and search block pagination by bipoza · Pull Request #4159 · plone/volto · GitHub
    • The idea is to use url parameters to keep the state of the pagination. It works with listing and search blocks and even when you have several listing blocks on the same page. Some more eyes welcomed to look into this. Mikel will work with Bittor on some tests either unit or cypress to guarantee that we are not breaking things.
  • Migration Classic to Volto
    • Philip asks for some help to test Collection -> Listing block migration, because of some changes on relative path criteria migration.
  • GSOC ‘open office hour’ . At the Alpine city Sprint Fred and Erico had an idea to do anopen presentation of our projects for students who are interested. Announce the date/time well in Advance. Present it on Discord / Jitsi / Hangouts. Explain the Plone community development process and answer questions. Ask Alok for tips and what we should mention also for Indian students as we see a lot of them being interested right now and eager to participate.