2023-02-14 Volto Team Meeting Notes


  • Víctor Fernández de Alba
  • Steve Piercy
  • Jon Pentland
  • Piero Nicolli
  • Mikel Larreategi


  • Outcome from the Alpine City Sprint:
    • worked on the grid block integration in core. Name: row-block. The PR has a
    • proof-of-concept of adding a column in a row and moving things around and changing from row to block and vice versa. It is marked as an experimental feature. The plan is to release the row block as standalone block and then keep iterating on the column block
    • decided to start using patterns that other use, specially when we are not sure with the interaction and naming
    • worked also on the teaser block. PR #3706
    • worked on having a single ImageWidget Component to use it everywhere (in core Image Block and Hero Block). There are several PRs with this feature. The idea is to merge all of them in one PR.
    • worked on the “add link” widget that is used in several places
  • New PLIPs
    • PLIPs were added for all those features worked on the Sprint so we can comment and move forward
    • The idea is that Volto Team Meeting works like the Framework Team Meeting: discussing on Volto PLIPs and deciding on them.
    • Everyone is welcomed to add a PLIP
  • Érico worked on a way to unify the developer experience on Volto. You won’t need to bother on the project boilerplate because it will be encapsulated in a container. The idea is to mount the addons and the package.json from the outside in the container and it works. The idea is: “develop an addon and this will make it available with the project standard configuration”. You can look at it on the volto-grid-block. The idea is to make this the recommended official way. This means that the app generator and the addon generator need to be updated.
  • Apollo Bot in Discord to schedule meetings and send reminders. (Steve Piercy)
  • Piero: might have found a bug with the new content expanders, when doing a subrequest in a page when processing the breadcrumbs (show a related item in a content page, the breadcrumbs and navigation were replaced). This may require adding some conditions in the breadcrumbs reducer. Will test it further and make a PR.
  • Mikel: has put 2 PRs on ready-to-review: no results component and pagination
  • New docs! Copy, Cut, and Paste blocks in Volto – Frontend – User Manual — Plone Documentation v6.0 We can now embed local videos and inline images. Details to be published on docs as soon as PR is approved and merged, but for now: MyST reference – Contributing to documentation — Plone Documentation v6.0 and MyST reference – Contributing to documentation — Plone Documentation v6.0.
  • David added a PR to upgrade webpack and Node, tests are green needs feedback
  • Victor: @plone/client the idea is to replace the data-fetching things in Volto with something that uses tanstack-query, a framework agnostic library. The idea is to have a standard way to query Plone from any JS framework and not being tied to use redux for it. This should work not only in Volto but also on nextjs, remix or you name it. GitHub - plone/plone.restapi-client: JavaScript Plone RESTAPI client - JS framework agnostic library based on TanStack Query is a client to query Plone 6 based on that idea.
  • Piero: exposing a OpenAPI-like documentation in plone.restapi is something we need to have automatic generation of clients. This is the way you want to work. This is what we have been doing for some non-plone projects, and it’s awesome developer experience