2019-2020 Nominations Open for Plone Foundation Board of Directors

There will be at least one vacancy!

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I've decided to step down from the board, after spending 5 years (!!!) on it.

It was and still is the best way to help Plone (the project and the community) if you like, as I do, to be in the middle of things where you get the most timely information about what's going on, what needs doing, and where you can jump in to help nudge things along or connect different people working separately on things who could maybe work together.

It has been a privilege to have had your confidence and, hopefully, not to have done a poor job of it.

My plan is to continue as Plone communications team lead, with everything that goes along with it, and do a better job of it now that I will be able to concentrate better on it. I plan on rebooting the team, which has been dormant, so we can get back on track with Plone.com success stories and gathering of raw materials for the newsletter.

Communications and Marketing responsibilities

Communications team lead stipend

I have also been the Foundation sponsorship manager, which involves regularly maintaining the database of sponsors, staying on top of renewals, promoting the value of sponsorships, making occasional updates to sponsorship-related content on Plone.org and Plone.com, and working with the communications team lead to keep sponsorships "in the news" so to speak.

If you have interest in helping with communications and marketing or in sponsorships management or you plain just want my jobs and you have questions, please ask away!


On September 26, the board meeting will include an open time during which anyone can join us to ask questions about the boardā€™s responsibilities, how we work, how we run our meetings (these are well structured and very time efficient), what we do as follow-up after meetings. Please join us if you are at all curious about becoming a board member!

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I nominate myself for the board. For more read my official nomination https://plone.org/foundation/meetings/membership/2019-membership-meeting/nominations/jens-w-klein


We are still open for board nominations until October 20.