2017 Plone Open Garden in Sorrento

A group has formed to continue the Plone Open Garden event in Sorrento that Abstract hosted for the past 11 years.

We hope to hold PLOG April 18-22, 2017, but the dates are not yet confirmed.

It is a beautiful location, very inexpensive, and family friendly.

PLOG's planned dates, April 18-22, 2017, have been confirmed by the Hotel Mediterraneo.

The hotel has agreed to the following prices:

  • two bed rooms - 140€ for whole room, including breakfast and dinner
  • three bed rooms - 150€ for whole room, including breakfast and dinner
  • four bed rooms - 180€ for whole room, including breakfast and dinner

Start planning to attend! We will let you know when the signup form is online (thank you again to Abstract for helping us continue holding this wonderful event!)

We currently have one "focus" topic for sprinting: the headless CMS project. More on that project will be posted shortly. We welcome other sprint topics, of course!

If you'd like to join the organizing team, or if you have questions or ideas, please email plog-organizers@plone.org.


Registration is officially open!

http://abstract-technology.com/plog-event-plone-italy (English)
http://abstract.it/plog-evento-plone-italia (Italian)

The dates are set (April 18-22, 2017) and we have confirmed the very nice discounts for rooms and included meals!

  • two bed rooms - 140€ for whole room, including breakfast and dinner
  • three bed rooms - 150€ for whole room, including breakfast and dinner
  • four bed rooms - 180€ for whole room, including breakfast and dinner

One of our major sprint topics will be to "productize" the headless CMS project.

Please use this registration form (do not contact the hotel directly):

http://abstract-technology.com/plog-event-plone-italy (English)
http://abstract.it/plog-evento-plone-italia (Italian)

(See the official Plone.org news item)

I'd be interested to join if there is also either a focus on Mosaic or Zope 4. In Boston (iirc) there were at least loud voices in direction Mosaic. Headless CMS is not my focus, I prefer something with brain on top :wink:

Sounds like we have a volunteer organizer :slight_smile:

An update on PLOG:

  • We have received a small number of registrations so far.
  • The hotel has set a deadline for room reservations: February 28, 2017.
  • The hotel has agreed to allow us to stay overnight April 17 at the same rates.
  • For those wanting to share a room, please use the room sharing form

The official PLOG event on Plone.org will continue to be updated with all this information.

We are planning a PLOG organizer's meeting, which should take place by end of next week. Tentatively on the agenda:

  • solicit and identify more sprint topics
  • solidify our agenda
  • decide if we will be providing t-shirts (If so, need sponsors)
  • more PLOG advertising

I will like to push the topic on simplifying the resource registry if we manage to get the PLIP approved.

Hi - another update on PLOG planning; the organizing team met yesterday and today.

#Current status

#Possible sprint topics

  • Mosaic? Zope 4? (Jens)
  • Philip will be at Innsbruck and will try to drum up interest
  • Paul had some discussion topics he was interested in
  • Victor will be at Bonn sprint & will find out who else will come to PLOG depending on work progress
  • Nathan had some more ideas for the Headless CMS (will post that separately)
  • Should Plone Foundation be more like an Apache Foundation, ie. an umbrella for multiple projects, like plone.server, Castle, Quaive
  • Continue improving our onboarding materials, training, docs?
  • Continue working on Plone.org
    • add-ons listing
    • theme gallery
    • distributions page
    • online "installers" (Heroku, etc.) page
  • Improve Plone Foundation sponsorship outreach, retention, promotion processes
  • Plone marketing <-- gets people riled up every time
  • Come get ideas for your local World Plone Day event
  • Quaive agenda items for PLOG:
    • Cutting a new open source release
    • Factor out ploneintranet.themeswitcher into standalone plone.themeswitcher
  • Can we use PLOG to discuss integrating Plone distributions back into the main Plone marketing/awareness efforts? Show synergy, dynamic ecosystem, code sharing. Marketing focus. Related to the new plone.org/roadmap
  • Discussion of how to package Plone distributions in a commercially viable way?

Don't like any of these ideas? Suggest yours here! :slight_smile:

We will have presentations in the morning, demos, rants & raves? (max: 2 talks per morning), e.g. share / test drive your World Plone Day presentation

To give out t-shirts we need t-shirt sponsors. Since shirts will be <10 euros each, for 40 attendees we need 4 companies to donate 50-100 euros each.

T-shirt design ideas? I am partial to a photo of @pbauer being troutslapped.

#...and remember
PLOG is family friendly! Tourism, social activities!
Get your own private beach elevator tour with Philip!

There are currently cheap flights within Europe... 150 euros only.

We will be inviting past attendees personally.

Note: the hotel is requiring reservations by February 28.

What does that mean? That we have a go/nogo quotum to fill? That they cannot guarantee availability afterwards? That the rates will change afterwards?

about the hotel's February 28 deadline: I got that deadline from the email the hotel sent me about asking for my credit card number etc for the room reservation. There probably is a booking deadline, and that might be it but we will find out.

Given last year's low turnout at PLOG (~15 people) the hotel would like us to get more than that this year. They haven't gone into specifics about what would happen if we don't but I assume neither they nor we will want to try to organize further PLOGs if turnout is consistently low. So let's not find out! :slight_smile:

Final word from the hotel about the February 28 deadline: reservations are required by that date in order to secure the advertised rates. If you do not confirm your reservation by then, they can not guarantee you will get the rates listed on the PLOG website.
And for further clarification, reservation is a two-step process:

  1. Sign up at http://abstract-technology.com/plog-event-plone-italy. We collect this information to try and satisfy your preferences as to room-sharing, then pass fully-formed room occupancies on to the hotel.
  2. The hotel will contact you directly requesting confirmation and a credit card authorization.

After step 2, you are registered, and this has to happen before Feb 28.

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Only 16 days left to make your hotel reservations - join us in helping advance Plone's headless CMS initiative and other sprint topics!

Well, we've done a good job of maintaining radio silence here in the forum during PLOG... sorry about that! But you may have seen some of the #plog and #ploneog2017 tagged tweets... Many have already left for home. Some of us will be in the area still today doing a bit of sightseeing before heading home. This has been as impressive and fun and productive PLOG as 2015's, my only other one. Thank you all who could come and add to the lively discussions and resulting decisions. I will be writing up a summary of the event so stay tuned.