Zpt_field_render_error from FormGen mailer

I am receiving only the text 'zpt_field_render_error' in the email sent by the Mailer adapter from my Plone FormGen form, when I should be receieving the contents of all the form's fields. Can anyone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this issue?

Plone FormGen 1.7.16
Plone 4109

Thank you for any help you can provide.

It seems like there might be a syntax error in the template code within the Mailer.

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your response. Two interesting things I've noticed related to this.

  1. When I remove all the form fields from the email body and include only a prepended message, I get no error.

  2. I checked the syntax of the code in the 'Mail-Body Template' field against two other mailers on the same form which are working correctly and the code matches. Worth noting that the other two mailers contain only a couple select fields from the set.

  3. I haven't modified the code in the 'Mail-Body Template' field at all.

This leads me to believe that one of the fields on the form is causing the zpt_field_render_error. I'm going to try adding fields in one-by-one to see if I can identify a problem field.

Pasting the code from 'Mail-Body Template' below, which should be what is provided by the Mailer Adapter as-delivered.


You code did not come through. Maybe share it via https://gist.github.com/.

Do you have any strange characters in your field names?

You could also try deleting the problem Mailer and re-adding it.

Thanks for the tip about gist.github.com, that's slick.

I tried deleting the problem mailer and re-adding, same result with the newly created mailer.

Going to look over the field names and IDs and see what stands out.

Thank you!

Hi Brandon,

I ran into the same problem - did you find the cause of the problem (and perhaps solution)?

Thank you, Wolfgang

I didn't completely trace the problem field and determine exactly what characteristic of the field caused the error. However, what fixed the issue was to create a new mailer adapter, and then add just the few essential form fields I needed to the mailer. On the mailer that was showing the zpt error I had every form field included.

That fixed the issue so I didn't go much further. This leads me to believe that the mailer doesn't like one of the fields in my form (my guess is maybe it doesn't like the ID of field).

Maybe you could try this.

  1. Duplicate the Formgen
  2. (change the email adr. to yourself)
  3. Try 'send', you get the same error
  4. Remove a field
  5. send
  6. Goto 4 )...

If ALL the fields have been removed and there is still an error, it could be

  1. An override
  2. the 'above' and 'below' on the 'main Formgen page'.

My wild guess: A rich text field.

PS: You are not the first to see this error, I have hard coded the fields myself once.