Zc.buildout private pypi server resources (basic auth) support in find-links

Hi there,
I'm trying to setup an internal pypiserver, it works well, but I want to integrate it with zc.buildout, just to find out that it doesn't provide support for auth http resources in find-links.

Anybody has this use case and successfully figure it out how to deal with it?

I've found this old Stackoverflow post where @gotcha pointed out that buildout already has support for it:

but tbh I couldn't make it work, and no traces of it neither in the docs or in the code.

Thanks in advance!

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find-links +=

should work

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W00t, works like a charm! :slight_smile: thanks a lot Alessandro! Crap, trying it out with simple all the time :weary:

We're using index = https://pypi.domain.nl/roel/production/+simple/ instead. This allow us to do whitelisting thanks to the greatness of https://devpi.net

simple or packages or whatever actually depends on your pypi server.
I was using https://github.com/pypiserver/pypiserver
Probably https://github.com/devpi/devpi is better but I remember I picked pypiserver because it seemed to me it was the most popular and most active on github.

We were using devpi before but it was overkill for our use case, just switched to pypiserver as well. Dockerized, you can also have different servers per client.

I actually have a small buildout with supervisor that manages three pypiservers:

  • one public
  • one private
  • one project specific

And checked it now:

pypiserver@xxx:~/pypiserver.buildout$ ./bin/supervisorctl  
aaa                         RUNNING   pid 26102, uptime 544 days, 1:55:56
bbb                       RUNNING   pid 26103, uptime 544 days, 1:55:56
ccc                            RUNNING   pid 26104, uptime 544 days, 1:55:56

Probably it is time to install some updates :slight_smile: