Wrong files delivered from plone through varnish

I want to ask Wrong files delivered from plone through varnish

Hi @lisa2801. Your post is a little thin on details. We will need to have more information in order to be able to help you. Can you describe your problem in more detail?

I have seen a similar discussion very recently. Maybe, you join in there?

I cannot answer your question, just give you a few hints where you could look.

Whenever apparently wrong (and especially outdated) files are delivered, the first suspect is caching. The problem may be with the browser, with varnish, with Plone (or other intermediaries such as proxies). Usually a forced reload is able to identify problems with HTTP-caching (a forced reload typically puts a "do not use a cache" header on the request; therefore, HTTP level caches are avoided), i.e. if a forced reload resolves the problem, you know that HTTP caching has been responsible.

Next thing to verify is whether Plone gets the correct requests and answers them correctly. For this, you look into Plone's Z2.log (found in var/{instance|client<i>}/Z2.log). There, you find all requests that reach Plone. Do you see the requests corresponding to the wrong deliveries? If not, the problem is not at the Plone level (but before). Do the urls look right? If so, issue them directly to Plone and check the response - if wrong, then Plone is to blame.

Depending on the results of your preliminary analysis, different steps need to be taken. Come back, once you have those results (and provide details about them).

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