Windows Buildout 4.3.8 (Plone site recommended upgrade)

I am persisting (for my own education with the the recommended upgrade path shown for Microsoft users in 4.3.8)
Got past the 1st version error conflict by removing

setuptools = 20.1.1 from buildout

Buildout then ran quite well until
The constraint, 2.13.20, is not consistent with the requirement, 'Zope2>=2.13.23'.
Installing instance.
Error: Bad constraint 2.13.20 Zope2>=2.13.23

I am not a power user, but I have come to appreciate the whims of the buildout.cfg file.


Try to pin the Zope 2 packag to version 2.13.23 inside your buildout configuration.


Thx Andreas for your reply
Tried that, even found that the given
plone.recipe.zope2instance of 4.2.19 had been reversed and reissued as 4.2.20 and with that still got the same zope2 problem

I got it to 4.3.8 to compile, but like 4.3.7, unable to connect to server

  1. Remarked out setuptools=20.1.1
  2. There is a requirement for (create in EGGS)
    to update from 2.13.8
    Download from pypi, extract from the tar file
    Transfer both files to your created file, but rename Acquisition.egg-info
    to EGG-INFO
    3, In the buildout you will asked to insert three more files to the cfg file
    zope.schema and here I used the latest 4.4.2

It compiled but did not connect to Server

Did a Command Box instance fg and got

ZConfig.SchemaResourceError: could not load package ZServer: No module named _Acquisition

Something to play with over the weekend ......