Widget View Shows UID Value

I am using plone.app.widget version 1.9.1 on Plone 4.3.12.

The RelatedItemsWidget works on add and edit form views. However, in display form views, the field shows the field's value which is the UID of its related item. Are there existing widgets that can be used to show the title of the referred item instead? As of now I am using a custom converter in the item's view and calling its converted values in custom templates. Maybe I am missing something.


Interesting: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/plone.app.widgets doesn't list a version 1.9.1 (and there is this amusing bit in the README: "This project will be integrated with Plone 5 and will never reach version 2.0.0." yet there are versions 2.0.0 up to 2.1...)

Do you want to share your code? You don't say what content type you're using the widget on.

For some reason, some released egg versions do not show in the Pypi index. I always check the package's Github releases page to know what is really available.

There are no issues with default Plone content types. The items which uses the widgets, do not really need the display view of the widget since there are no templates that require it. The fields:

Tags field (AjaxSelectWidget)
Contributors field (AjaxSelectWidget)
Creators field (AjaxSelectWidget)

are all accessed via an edit form.

I am using the widgets on a custom content type and setting them via a form hint. It is just typical code:

class IMyUnit(model.Schema):
       Marker/Form interface for My Unit

        pattern_options = {
    my_unit = schema.Choice(
        title= _(u'My Unit'),
        vocabulary = 'my.package.vocabulary.AvailableUnits',
        required = False,

My vocabulary provides UID, UID, and Title for token, value, and title.

I am using UID here to establish a "relation" to another object. I am not using relation fields because I do not require the more complicated widget. And the relation widget still returns the UID in its display view.

My only suggestion would be to try this with the latest version of Plone, to see if perhaps a bug has been fixed since.

The pull-request is here: