Why I am not getting an editable layout and add blocks option?

I am using plone to build a project. But I tried giving all the roles to the current user and tried editing the front page. Nowhere I am getting an option to add a new block and I am not able to understand in the training videos of plone they are having the option to edit and add blocks but not in mine.
What I am doing wrong here? Do I need to enable some options in my config file ?

You need to press Return button
Then you get the option for adding the next block it is not present when you click on the page edit button.
Go to the last or click on the last element and press return then it will show you a block with which you can add an element!
Wasted 30 mins on this.

Yes this is a known comfusion in the default blocks layout editor.

There is already a feature switch to enable a + sign at the bottom middle of every empty block. This gives a visual cue to the editor. But because it changes the UI it was not enabled by default, which is a pity IMHO because now it is not seen on new installs. :cry:

I had the same experience as you when I tried Volto for the first time in 2019 :grimacing:. It tool me half an hour to realise that enter generates a new empty block and only those have the block chooser enabled.

I’ll look up the issue and the switch details for you tomorrow.


I guess this can be fixed or it can be made simple. This should not be a great deal. Do we have any issue on GitHub regarding the same?


Enables a new UI for adding blocks. The button to add a block is now shown below any selected block. A text block can also be added by clicking in the empty area at the bottom of the content area.


Ah that’s the switch indeed @rnunez, thanks.

Thanks for the reply. Why it is an experimental feature? Could you please add some references? I guess this should be the basic building block of any page editor... there may be some reason that we do not have that enabled.
BTW, Anyone, who is new to volto you have to go src > config.js and add the following code
config.experimental.addBlockButton.enabled = true;