Whom to contact for plone.com sponsorship?

Who is the current contact for the plone.com sponsorships and its page? There is no contact listed here:

Forwarded to @fulv and the rest of Plone marketing team. - Norbert

Sorry for that. There are outdated links and permission problems with the linked forms at Become a Sponsor — Plone: Enterprise Level CMS - Free and OpenSource - Community Driven - Secure - in any case please write to board@plone.org and we will handle/delegate the request.

There is ongoing work re merging .com with .org

Fulv has kindly taken on the sponsorships management, which is somewhat separate from marketing. He has moved the provider listings to Plone.org but that should not have changed anything else related to sponsorships that is on Plone.org. I will check what might be wrong with the forms.

I’m not sure if we expose a specific email address for sponsorships but I’ll check. You should be able to use sponsor@plone.org.

Andreas, as a last resort, you could also have replied to the emails we exchanged in the past about sponsorship.

We had a spate of spam submissions to some forms so I had to make them private but I don’t think the sponsorship related ones were involved.

The https://plone.org/sponsors/sponsorship-form was made private for spam reasons. We'll need to incorporate a honeypot.

For all sponsorship-related questions, please contact me at sponsor@plone.org.