When was using reinstall in portal_quickinstaller considered harmful?

Since reinstall always uninstall the package first, it can have give unintended effects to an instance, so upgradeSteps are a best practice to avoid this. I remember a big discussion about this somewhere but can't find it anymore, does someone have it bookmarked? @mauritsvanrees can you help us here? (I know about https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/issues/1340 already, but I would like to know about the reinstall discussion)

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For quite some time now (years) I've been hearing that we should be using the Plone site setup at @@overview-controlpanel, not the ZMI's portal_quickinstaller for add-on activation (the term 'installation' is misleading, as it is easily confused by the adding-to-buildout process). But I don't know what the technical details are.

I think the big thing missing from Plone's @@overview-controlpanel is a way to display and run upgrade steps, including "old" ones.

The motivation for this post is a client that used to run reinstall in portal_quickinstaller, now we say it's bad practice but it would be nice to have the historical record for the discussion. Now the only reason is "this will be removed in future versions of Plone".

IMHO addressing https://github.com/zopefoundation/Products.GenericSetup/issues/36 is more important than putting everything in @@overview-controlpanel: this can be a second improvement.

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I don't remember where that big discussion would be.

Biggest problem with reinstall in the form of uninstall+install would be that you basically reset some components to their factory defaults: any customizations by the user are gone. For example, an add-on sets the mailhost to localhost, an administrator customizes it to example.org, and on reinstall of the add-on it may be reset to localhost again.

This used to be a big problem with add-ons that relied on five.intid: reinstalling five.intid or plone.app.relations would throw all existing intids away. That particular problem has apparently been solved in 2009 already, but similar problems could occur if you are not careful.

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