What's the recommended way to upgrade 6.0.x backend and frontend?

Plone6 installation and upgrade is very different from the previous plone5.

I can't find clear steps on how to upgrade backend & volto, after install plone6 follow this doc: Install Plone from its packages – Install — Plone Documentation v6.0

I just upgrade backend from 6.0.4 to 6.0.5 by replace constraints.txt && make build-backend, but I'm not sure this is a best way.

Next, what's the What is recommended step to upgrade frontend?

@om1221 thanks for reporting. We don't have bugfix upgrade guides in the docs. That is not good. Here is what I found on plone.org:

and on documentation:

For the Volto frontend, I am not sure. Here is what we have in documentation, which does not provide enough help, but at least you will know what changed:

@mauritsvanrees @sneridagh what can we do to provide instructions for upgrading within a bugfix release?

@sneridagh also note that we still have a mention of LTS in the docs. Burn it with :fire:!