What is the easy way to create a new view in Plone 5.1?

Let say if I clone a page type to become blog-entry, and then add a few new fields, what is the best way to create a new view to show those fields for the new type in Plone 5...

I know I can do google search... but most of the time... I find something is outdated or not work with plone 5.1 etc.

Hope some can point me the way.

If the default view for an content-type is not good enough, reimplement it as a browser view on the filesystem and register it with your portal type. And no, there is no reasonable TTW story for custom views....there are many failed experiments...writing a browser view is the way to go if you want something different or special.

Using CSS on the base view provided by Plone might be an option for making certain kind of adjustements (or using Javascript). However this all requires a custom policy package at some point. So forget the idea of doing everything through the web.

Most of the time, when I work with own content types and views, I use the plonecli to create an addon and the basic structures for views, contenttypes etc. Till now I never had a problem with this (not even in Plone 5.2 with Python3).