What folder to put a local addon? (Plone 5)

I've created a Dexterity content type, just for learning, in the local instance /src folder.
Now, I want to move it to a regular "production" folder, not the /src.
My addon has the 'Products' namespace, so, in the last Plone I've used, 4.1.x, I just have to move it to the /products folder, add it to the eggs list in buildout.cfg, restart, and it is ready to install in the control panel.
Unfortunatly, this does not seem to work in Plone 5.0.2?
Or am I doing something wrong??

I have no idea what you're about trying to do, sorry. You may want to give us more context or rephrase your question.

But at least one thing to say: Moving anything to the /products folder is something that was ok 15 years ago, and may still work for BBB reasons. But today we use Python eggs.

bobtemplates.plone is highly recommended to be used as skeleton generator. It has also a mode for dexterity types and produces a best practice proof fully working structural egg to built on and learn from.


The Products namespace comes from the ancient times and it has a little magic, you should not use it.
You need to generate an egg with mr.bob (see http://docs.plone.org/develop/addons/index.html#create-a-package ).

By the way, ./src is a very good place to put your custom packages, there is no reason to put them anywhere else.

@ebrehault, @jensens

Well, I've used mr.bob to create the skeleton, of course.
But now, how to generate the egg?
(the link does not give me hints)

And, if I keep my addon in the /src folder, will that not impact performance?

If the old way to put the addon in the /products folder is not working anymore, why Plone still keeps that folder??
Why the readme does not alert about that?

What you have is already an egg. But one in development mode. To make a distribution out of it you need to run ./bin/python2.7 setup.py sdist. After that an dist folder contains your egg. You can copy that into your buildout, i.e. in a myeggs folder and add (or extend it) a line find-links = ${buildout:directory}/myeggs/ to your [buildout] section, to tell builodut to look there for eggs.

Thanks for the instructions, it was all that I needed.
But, if the Products folder is not usefull anymore, why it is still there??