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Hi guys,

I just made a website using plone mosaic and I really like it, which can be found at ! In here I also included some self-documentation about some processes that I believe are necessary for new Plone users. Do you guys have any comment on it? I need some suggestions on how to improve it (such as making it load faster, how to deploy it on other hosting service ...) and, if possible, can you refer me to some resources which can help me approach the GSOC project idea on mosaic package? I will definitely document what I can learn from you guys for better understanding.

Thank you so much.

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Hey Chau,

Like you, I have experience with WordPress and PHP as well, and I enjoy working with CMSes. :slight_smile:

I just discovered Heroku myself and will be using it to test out future projects. Great work with the documentation on your website. It's a long wait until the GSOC results are announced, but I'm spending my time getting familiar and playing with Plone too. Best of luck with GSOC! :crossed_fingers:

This page in the Plone docs shows details on deploying Plone in production (has details on caching/fine tuning too):

Hey thank you for your comment :slight_smile: I really appreciate it. I will definitely find out more about Plone and share with you guys what I learned :slight_smile: Probably I will work on how to deploy it on my hosting service. TY for the reference too hehe xd

Nice work on the site @nctl144. I think your documentation on installing Plone for the first time is well done!

Thank you @cewing, I will continue doing this while learning more about developing Plone :slight_smile: its a good method to remember everything either way. I will definitely let you guys know to get more feedback on my work.

@nctl144 You should check for narrative documentation about development and deployment.

"Deployment training" describes Ansible based deployment for any server.

For Mosaic development you need to learn to set up a buildout based local development environment as described probably in "Software customization" training (aka "Mastering Plone Development"). repository git checkout comes with its own buildout configuration for setting up a Plone 5 site with development version of Mosaic. Its README should describe how to build Mosaic JS and CSS bundles from the source files (tl;dr; there's GNU make configuration for installing required packages and bundling with requirejs).

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Hey @datakurre,
Thank you so much for your comment. Currently I have set up development environment on my local and I have documented it for myself. I also resolved the problem with heroku deployment that I asked you earlier and deployed it through my local machine. :slight_smile: but definitely I will have to dive deeper into the mastering plone development as well as mosaic package to learn more.
I will update this topic as soon as I learn something new :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I have successfully deployed my site to production. However, when I run the buildout to install some add ons and packages, the buildout ran but I could not see the updates on my website. My website is at Can you guys help me out with this? The username and password is admin (both)
I am using Digital Ocean VPS for this website and I followed the tutorial here

I just figured out that I need to reset my server in order to make updates available to the production. Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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@nctl144 Awesome, glad you were able to figure it out! :slight_smile:

Just a heads up--notice how only **http://** is working, but http:// isn't working? If you want www to work too, you need to setup the CNAME record. Took me some Googling to figure that out when I setup my DigitalOcean website.

hey @sgrepos, thank you for notifying me that :slight_smile: I did not notice that hehe but I will fix it as soon as possible.