Webcoutier.dropdownmenu and News Folder

Plone 5, with News in /news (and view of /news set to 'smart folder', sort on newest first)

If I want the drop down to show 'normal folders' as they are now, but the news folder with 'newest on top', what is the best way to do it ?

Customize the add-on product ?
Content rule that sorts the folder every time a news item is added ?
Something else?

I added an ordering adapter that prepends like so:

from plone.folder.default import DefaultOrdering

class PrependOrdering(DefaultOrdering):
    """prepend new added content"""

    def notifyAdded(self, id):
        Inform the ordering implementation that an item was added
        order = self._order(True)
        pos = self._pos(True)
        order.insert(0, id)
        for n, id in enumerate(order):
            pos[id] = n

and registered like so:


Then you just need a snippet of code somehwere setting the ordering. I did this on a type basis with a subscriber like so:

def handler_set_ordering(obj, event):
    """subscriber to set ordering
    if getattr(aq_base(obj), 'portal_type', '') not in PREPEND_ORDERING_TYPES:

and registered it like so:


but you can set it with a view as well.

Hi and thanks.
It partly works, but for some stange reason 'with an offset' (the item ends up at about 5th 'place'.

Before debugging this: could it be an option to just call a sort view (looks like there is one available in Plone 5, from "folder_contents" ?
Or is this much slower ?