We can now clone a content in Plone 5, What is the best way to clone a view and modify it?

Really have no idea,

Please ask a reasonable question with enough background information about what you are trying to do or about the problem you are facing and trying solve.



I just want to clone the news type to be a note and view it will a view like all content but with a date byline.

The Dexterity control panel allows you to clone an existing content - type and modify its fields and behaviors. No idea about the date byline. You can not change the views of content-types through the web for content-types managed through the web. In doubt create your own content-type in your own package and provide a custom view...means: programming work.


I know Mosaic has some of those concepts, Mosaic calls views "layouts".
There's a manifest file which controls everything. (I've linked the video below to the part that discusses the manifest.cfg file, it starts at about 27 minutes)

Yes that's what I am wonder, Just allow to clone a type to other name is not much useful.


Hi, since version 1.1 Rapido provides ability to declare first-class Plone views http://rapidoplone.readthedocs.io/en/latest/reference/display.html#extra-views.

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Thanks I will take a look

The other way to do this without having to program on the server, i.e., with your browser only ("through the web" / "TTW") is to clone the content type and then to use Diazo (the @@theming-controlpanel) to change how the cloned content type is displayed.


Can you send me some links? Since most I can find is for 4.x not 5.

Will the plone 5.1 with the byline SHOW again?

Showing the byline is a checkbox in the control panel (don't recall which). It will show the author and last modified date. Is that what you need?

that doesn't work in Plone 5.0.

I fixed that for Plone 5.1 a couple of months ago:

Thanks... hope 5.1 come out soon. :smile: I am new to plone 5 and just such small things ... use 1 week to find out how to fix ...